Mixing bold innovation with inspirational design causes a chain reaction.
The result is high-technological speakers and unconventional choices.


Full of new technologies and ideas

Slim Array Technology (S.A.T.)

If you think that practicality in transporting, ease of assembly and cost savings are the only benefits of Slim Array Technology (S.A.T.), be ready to change your mind.

The hyper-cardioid dispersion in the low frequencies and an extremely fast impulse response are the true advantages of K-array speakers with Slim Array Technology (S.A.T.). The combination of these two factors leads to a significantly better acoustic outcome with respect to the traditional line array elements, particularly in terms of sound definition and noise pollution outside the desired audience areas.

Additionally, the compactness of the audio speakers benefits the user through the practicality in transporting, the ease of assembly and the overall minimal footprint of the cluster which leads to an optimization of space, time and, therefore, total incurred costs for the management of these systems. Read More

Digital Steering

Thanks to the sound beam optimization through FIR filters and dedicated software, your pro line array speakers have never been so versatile.

The ability to digitally adjust the dispersion of a line array element not only ensures the same listening experience to all audience members but, at the same time, limits the noise pollution in the areas where the sound pressure must be kept at a minimum.

The use of FIR filters is the biggest advantage of K-array’s digital steering technology since it provides extremely high frequency resolutions, which would not be possible using delays and traditional filters.

Digital steering is an important component of K-array’s Concert Series and Firenze Systems and, along with other important features such as premium materials and impeccable sound quality, puts K-array products on the forefront of cutting edge professional sound reinforcement. Read More

Premium materials & finishes

There is nothing better than the opportunity to customize products for your applications.

K-array utilizes the most durable and resistant materials when developing their products to offer the most reliable solutions on the market. Weatherproof speaker systems made of aluminum and steel make up the frame of all products within the K-array portfolio.

Versatile and efficient, aluminum provides strong structural support without adding excess weight to the products. Naturally generating a protective oxide coating, aluminum is particularly useful for protection and conservation rendering a K-array installation dependable, regardless of the application elements.

Steel is the other functional material K-array implements which offers corrosion resistance and strength. Stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water making those products perfect for aquatic environments as well as traditional settings.

Premium products are also created with high quality luxury finishes made of precious materials, like gold.

Additionally, there are an array of colors and finishes that assist in incorporating the products into various projects. Standard colors are sleek black and an elegant white to make a subtle statement. Also, brushed or polished stainless steel finishes can be selected which give the product a chameleon-like ability to reflect surrounding surfaces and blend in with the background. Quality sound available in a variety of distinctive finishes that blend beauty with exceptional performance.

Nothing to hide but…

For architectural reasons, you may need a visually discrete pro audio system. One with clear sound yet can blend into its surrounding, like a chameleon changing its color.

Operating in the heart of Tuscany where architecture has had a profound effect on Italian culture, K-array believes that while sound is makes an experience, it should remain invisible and not affect the aesthetics of a venue.

So the amount of time an architect puts into planning and designing form, space and and function is the same amount K-array puts into the design and manufacture of their products. Requiring creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology, the products are designed with a sleek form so that they are easily integrated into the layout of the environment.

An architect’s dream, K-array’s pro audio speakers are only heard and not seen.

Meeting the market conditions

The needle of our compass is innovation. The ability to understand clients’ needs allows us to realize products once considered unimaginable, that are quick to install and light to handle, providing an abundance of time and cost savings.

K-array’s start began in 1990 in studio design and installation. After experiencing the usual challenges that most rental companies faced of high costs associated with loading time and transporting heavy and slim pro audio speakers, the company founders set out to develop a better way of operating. Their results were revolutionary and, quite literally, out of the box designs.

Now with an extensive portfolio of products that are sleek and compact utilizing cutting-edge technology, K-array has maintained a reputation for innovative solutions and is exceeding industry demands for speakers that are heard but not seen.




About us and Testimonials

"The systems also minimized feedback issues, which proved to be especially convenient on a platform full of microphones. Cinetica Productions was extremely pleased with how quick and easy the systems were to set up and the CDB was equally happy with the sound performance of the event. We are proud to represent such a quality brand to the Mexican market." – Antonio Manzo Rojas, Sales & Marketing Manager Gonher ProAudio, Mexican distributor of K-array